Sunday, March 1, 2009

幸鮨 KohZushi Sushi Bar in Shirahama - Japan

This was during December 2008 when HY and I arrived at Shirahama. Shirahama is a seaside  holiday venue for the Japanese. Obviously, summer is where the Shirahama beach, as you see above, will be packed with tourist who come for the white sands and the crystal clear Pacific ocean waters. Although a plunge into the Pacific waters may look alluring, but it's still about 10 degrees celsius. So...... No way! Apart from having beach being recognized as a sister beach to Hawaii's Waikiki beach, Shirahama is an onsen town. This is what we came for. 

Near the beach, along the main road, you can see a hot spring pool just for your feet. The open air hot spring tubs are part of the facilities in Hotel Seamore that HY and I were staying. It's pacific ocean facing. Very relaxing indeed.

Being a seaside city, fresh sea produce is definitely within reach. We've arrived into Shirahama at about noon time. The city is almost deserted as it's the off season during winter. Some how we found our way into 幸鮨 Kohzushi. 

I can't help but take a photo of this bright red figurine with Kohzushi written in Kanji.

The folks in the shop are as hospitable as you can find them even though communication was restricted to very simple English. Fortunately, Kohzushi has English menu. We arrive at Kohzushi at almost 2pm and we were the only customers. So, we had the honour of the 2 dedicated sushi chefs serving just the two of us!

This is our order of assorted sashimi for the shop's freshest ..... (1800 yen) 

Here's the sushi set that we had ordered at 1500 yen for 8 sushi pieces (excluding the Ebimayomaki that was at the far end). The ebimayomaki (800 yen per set) do not look appetizing but taste very nice. We ordered a second serving for this. Our sushi were placed onto the lacquered wooden strip right in front of the counter. No need for extra plates.

A close up of our sushi set.

One of the fresh seafood Kohzushi provides ....... Giant Cockles

The master sushi chef of the shop was most happy when they knew that we travelled far from Singapore and decide to make this complimentary strawberry with jelly and milk pudding for us. This chilled desert taste good!

When we left the shop, the manageress of this outlet, an old lady dressed in kimono, escorted us out of the shop front, bowed to us every time we said "thank you" for the good sumptous lunch we had at her shop.

Location : Map of the shop Near Shirahama beach, near the end of Ginza Street

Opening Hours : 11am-2pm, 4.30pm~10pm. Closed on Tuesday.

Country : Shirahama, Japan

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