Sunday, March 29, 2009

刘家记 Liu Jia Ji Nasi Lemak from Alexandra Village

Nasi Lemak literally means rice cooked in coconut milk. This is a typical foof that originates from Malaysia. Singapore has a good proportion of Malay population. This makes Nasi Lemak also a common food in the country. Although Nasi Lemak is typically a Malay food, some Chinese manage to cook it well and made a decent livelihood out of it. The Nasi Lemak from Liu Jia Ji belongs to this category.

The boss of Liu Jia Ji operates his business following the OMO process. OMO is One Man Operation. The food items that comes in the Nasi Lemak set are all cooked to order. If you're at the stall, you'll observe that the boss fries the eggs and drumsticks even while he's taking your order. This ensures that you still get the hot and fresh food.

Here you see my order of the Spicy Chicken Meal (S$3). This includes a sausage (sausage is a replacement for luncheon meat that was previouly provided), a drumstick a sunny side up and some fried ikan bilis (fried anchovies). I ask to have some curry to drench the Nai Lemak. The drumstick is the highlight here. It's a "finger lick'in good" standard.

Liu Jia Ji stall front .........

There are several variety of Nasi Lemak sets that Liu Jia Ji serves to cater for dfferent taste.

Address : Blk 120, Bukit Merak Lane 1, #01-13 (Alexandra Village Food Center) - stall is facing some motor workshops that specialiss in car tyres.

Country : Singapore

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Anonymous said...

I agree on the finger-licking-good comment! simply delicious. The boss's very competent despite the OMO work policy. =)



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