Sunday, March 29, 2009

Satsuma Shochu & Dining Bar ......... Sumiyaki Specialist

Satsuma Shochu Dining Bar belongs to the same group as Shunjuu which I have added to my food diary some time ago. So sumiyaki is also the specialty in Satsuma. The dining bar is located right outside Gallery Hotel along Saiboo Street (at the tail end of Mohamad Sultan Road near to the Havelock Road side).

The first floor of the eatery is the bar area where a couple of friends can chill out over shochu or sake and have some finger food. Right above the bar on the upper floor, is the main dining area. Our gathering of 15 people get to sit in the "private" dining area that allow us to look through a glass window where the sumiyaki chef grill our food. I was late for the dinner and was "punished" to sit at this end of the table where I can feel the warmth of the charcoal behind my back. The "private" dining area is not so much private as it is just separated from the main dining area with many wooden stilts just to serve as a isolation barrier. So you can see and hear people out there and they can do the same.

Here's some of the food that we ate and I liked;

Tori Kawa, Chicken Skin ($4) - It may not be the healthiest dish but to some it's the best part of the grilled/fried chicken.

Hotate to Ebi no Bekon Maki, Scallop and Prawn rolled with Bacon ($10) - Bacon is one nasty ingredient to add to scallop and prawn. The fats really makes everything on this skewer more fragrant.

Tebasaki, Chicken Wing ($6)

Shitake Nikuzume, Mushroom stuff with minced chicken ($6)

Kuro Buta Kubi, Black Pork Neck ($9) - One of the best part of the pork's meat that I liked to be grilled and eaten.

Salmon Bekon, Salmon rolled with Bacon ($9) - Adding the bacon again ....... Isn't pork lard a critical parameter for a winning formula?

Foie Gras, Goose Liver ($13) - Like Shunjuu's this is my favourite, lightly salted and then grilled The foie gras is still juicy and soft on the inside.

Okonomiyaki, Savory Pancake ($6) - HY ordered this and it's taste just like the Okonomiyaki but presented as balls on skewers rather than pancakes.

There are plenty of shochu to choose from. Let the waitress recommend the best shochu to go with your food.

Satsuma serves similar food items as Shunjuu, only that Shunjuu offers alresco dining along the Singapore river. If Satsum is full house just walk over to Shunjuu or vice versa.

Cost : about S$35 per person

Address : 1 Nanson Road, The Gallery Hotel, #01-01

Tel : +65 62353565

Opening Hours : Mon~Thu 1200-1430, Sun~Thu 1800-2300, Fri~Sat 1800-0100

Country : Singapore

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