Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Food in San Francisco - Frjtz Fries @ Valencia

One our close friend, HY's buddy for many years, put us up at her place in Mission district. HY's buddy, A, has been happily married to a Brit, J, who's family finds their roots in France. You can always trust a good French guy when wine and food is concern. Somehow I wonder if he's telling me the whole truth about why they chose to live in this district, citing proximity to the work place as the main reason. I guess not. Because this district is sprouting with good food places and of course, plenty to drink.

(You have to excuse me for proliferating this part of my food diary with letters in the alphabets in place of names of people whom are dear to me. I have to protect their privacy but mostly I've been bitten by the Gossip Girl bug, thanks to HY. XOXO Slurp)

The first food joint that we visited, which of course was recommended by A and J, is Frjtz Fries.

I was totally sold when I tasted the thick cut Belgian fries that Frjtz serves (US$ 4.75 for a large portion and a choice of 2 dipping sauces). Marvelous stuff indeed. We ordered a large portionof the original flavoured fries that HY, AG and I shared.

Oh how can I forget AG, our favorite travel companion, who had to stand the nonsense from HY and me during this trip. She was most helpful to my diary as I can try more variety of food when she orders her share and I get to sample.

Back to the fries ...... For US$0.50 extra you can get the Garlic or the Spicy Fries and for US$0.70 extra you can have the White Truffle Oil Fries. We get to choose 2 out of the 20 dipping sauces and we settled for wasabi mayonnaise and balsamic mayonnaise finally, before we rack up the queue which nearly reach the front door. Our dips were quickly pumped out of pump bottles right behind the counter.

Apart from the fries, which I thought was the highlight, Frjtz also serves a variety of salads, sandwiches, mussels, savoury and sweet crepes. We've ordered the lunch specials at US$7 per order. It includes one main (not inclusive of items with mussels and prosciuttos), a soft drink and a desert.

Here's what we had ordered for mains which are quite good too;

Basquiat Sandwich - Grilled chicken, pesto mayo, red onions, melted Swiss and avocado on focaccia. Served with spring mix.

Caravaggio Savoury Crepe - Mozarella, grilled chicken, pesto and tomatoes.

The standard desert that comes with the lunch specials. It's a fried roll filled with yam and sweet potato.

Opening hours : Monday ~ Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday ~ Saturday 11am-midnight, Sunday 11am-9pm

Address : 590 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California (Near the juncion of 17th and Valencia street)

Country : San Francisco, California, USA

Website :

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