Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Food in San Francisco - Delfina @ 18th Street

The few nights that we walked pass the 18th Street on our way back to A and J place, Delfina seems to be always full house. No wonder "A" wanted to make a reservation before we arrive at San Francisco.

When we finally arrived at Delfina at 10.30pm, on a Friday night, the place was fully packed. We found A and J waiting for us at a cosy corner in the restaurant. The place is casual, vibrant and lively. Everyone seems to be there for the good Italian food while chatting up with friends to wind down a hectic week.

Craig and Anne Stoll opened Delfina in 1998 and is known for whipping up fantastic Italian Cuisine. Like "A" told us, "nothing she's eaten at Delfina is not good". Chef Craig heads the kitchen while Anne touches all other aspects of their restaurant even when it means washing dishes sometimes. Chef Craig has just been awarded a Best Chef Award in 2008 by the James Beard Foundation and in these 10 years, Delfina have appeared in many food articles in the Bay Area. I think their formula lies in getting fresh, local, seasonal produce and also a daily menu change. So even if it means visiting Delfina again, the next day, you know you'll still have something different for your palate. 

Here's what we had that I think was great food!

Grilled Monterey Bay Sardines with celery and hearts of palm (US$9.25)

Grilled Fresh Calamari with warm white bean salad (US$9.25)

Roasted Fulton Valley Chicken with olive oil mashed potatoes and king trumpet mushrooms (US$18)

Sonoma spring lamb with fresh favas and Anson Mills polenta (US$24)

Profiteroles with Espresso Gelato, Warm Chocolate Sauce and Candied Almonds (US$9)

Sage Buttermilk Panna Cotta with fresh oranges and caramel (US$9)

A couple of days, after we ate at Delfina, we decided to have a late dinner at Pizzeria Delfina, just beside Delfina restaurant, which is also opened by Craig and Anne. It seems that hungry folks in the area just can't get enough of Craig and Anne's creations. Even their pizzeria was packed. You'll have to leave your name and the number of people in your party on the chalk board and then wait outside in the cold.

These are the couple of pizzas that we had .........

Procuitto Pie (US$17) - Prosciutto di Parma, mozzarela di bufala, panna, arugula

Salsiccia (US$15) - Housemade fennel sausage, tomato, bell peppers, onions and mozzarella.

Address : 3621 18th Street San Francisco, CA (Delfina) / 3611 18th Street San Francisco, CA (Pizzeria Delfina)

Tel : 415-552-4055

Country : San Francisco, USA

Websites : (Delfina) Delfina)

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