Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Food in San Francisco - Thirsty Bear for Spanish Cuisine

We tried to vary the nature of our San Francisco trip by balancing sightseeing with a little art appreciation at the SFMOMA. This late morning, I was trying to take in all of the modern art that was presented to me. I can feel for some of the works but most of them baffles me leaving me thinking too hard about what the artist was trying to express. This mind boggling activity took me to the point of hunger. Fortunately, Thirsty Bear was just around the corner at Howard Street.

Thirsty Bear Brewing Company, serves Spanish Cuisine apart from their self brewed beers. The ambience is casual and cosy. It's a good place for a casual lunch with friends, colleagues and to take the office drudgery away for a while with a glass of ice cold beer.

Here's some food from Thirsty Bear that I liked.

Seared Pork Belly, white bean puree, snap peas, dandelion greens and anchovy butter. (US$10) - I've had many pork belly in Singapore and after trying the pork belly here, I thought that pork belly cannot be made better than being pan seared. The butter add the little dairy flavour to the melted pork fats infused through all parts of the meat. Although, this dish may not be encouraged for the health conscious, it's awfully delicious. I'll rather walk up and down the slopes of San Francisco streets to work them out, if I feel any bit of guilt after finishing the dish.

Paella of the Day, with chicken, prosciutto, and shrimps (US$20) - I've a professed love for paella since I've visited Spain and to top it off, the paella of the day have all the ingredients that I love. The lemon juice brings out the flavours of all the ingredients.

Address : 661 Howard Street (Walking distance from SFMOMA)

Tel : 415-974-0905

Country : San Francisco, California, USA

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