Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Food in San Francisco - Tartine Bakery

When we first stepped into Tartine Bakery, seeing people around cupping bowls of coffee and sending them to their mouths, I already liked the place. It's a really nice way of warming the hands after stepping right in from the chilly San Francisco morning.

Tartine uses organic produce as much as possible in their food and beverages. The freshly brewed coffee down to the dairy at the coffee bar are organic. They've won the James Beard award for outstanding pastry chef 2008. Their pastry must be something!

It was supposedly a light breakfast before we head on to our other engagements in San Francisco but I ended up having more than my cafe latte and buttermilk scone.

Walk into Tartine
Walk into the vibrant, relaxing bakery for a
lovely pastry and aromatic coffee

Buttermilk Scone
The scone emits flavors of the rich organic butter and milk.

Cupping the latte with both hands
Organic coffee from Mr Espresso and organic dairy
from Strauss Family Creamery helps perk up our day!

Lemon Butter Cake
The butter cake made with a tinge of lemon was moist and soft.

Banana Cream Tart
This was the added indulgence that I couldn't resist even after
my buttermilk scone. Covered beneath the cream are chunks of
bananas over caramel and chocolate layered taert base.

Cost : about US$7 per person

Address : 600 Guerrero Street, San Francisco (at junction of 18th street)

Tel : 415 487 2600

Opening Hours :
Monday - 8am ~ 7pm
Tuesday ~ Wednesday - 7:30am ~ 7pm
Thursday ~ Friday - 7:30am ~ 8pm
Saturday - 8am ~ 8pm
Sunday - 9am ~ 8pm

Tartine Bakery Website

Country : San Francisco - California, USA


KennyT said...

Wow, what a sinful breakfast you had!! Hope I'd be able to stop by Tartine one day. Guess I can gobble up at least 3 pcs of that buttermilk scone. Thanks for sharing.

Slurp said...

yes Kenny, you should visit Tartine if you are nearby. Tartine's buttermilk scone tells me that the source of the ingredients really makes all the difference even though the recipe is simple. Slurp!


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