Saturday, April 25, 2009

新美香卤面 Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee @ Old Airport Road

新美香 Xin Mei Xiang is the Lor Mee stall in the Old Airport Road. Although they also sell prawn noodles, hardly anyone in the queue order that. Lor Mee is their specialty. The 卤汁 gravy done up by them is smooth and not too thick. One of the special ingredient of the Lor Mee, apart from the gravy which is why it's what it's called, shark's meat added. Many stalls that sells lor mee have the shark's meat fried as most thought that shark's meat is quite stinky. However, the shark's meat that Xin Mei Xiang provide is not fried like the rest. 

In fact, I bought a S$6 bowl of the Lor mee that gives me lots of this shark's meat. There ain't no stinkiness at all. Here's how it looks like when the lor mee is still not stirred up.

I've stirred up the lor mee here to show the ingredients. There an obvious braised egg and my S$6 serving is overdosed with the shark's meat that I can't recall what other ingredients are added. Extra serving of garlic, dark vinegar and some sliced red chilli were added to my lor mee. They go well with this dish.

Here's the queue that zig zags past a few tables ......

Xin Mei Xiang boast several good lor mee recommendations from several food TV programmes and also from Makansutra. For someone who has a more expendable stomache than most, I think the S$4 serving is good enough. Unless you hate sharks, go for the S$6 serving.

Cost : S$3/4/6

Address : 51 Old Airport Road, #01-116, Old Airport Road food Centre

Country : Singapore

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