Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tokyo Banana .......... an interesting banana cream cake dessert

I was transiting Tokyo's Narita Airport and had sometime to spare. HY and I went for some duty free shopping and this cake dessert caught my eye, Tokyo Banana.

A box of 8 Tokyo banana cost 1000 yen.

This is one of the banana cake take out of its wrappers. When it's out of the wrapper, it actually looks a bit boring. Take a bite and you'll think otherwise.

I've taken a mouthful and exposing the banana cream inside the coat of fluffy cake. The cake is light and it's filled with the smooth banana cream which is tasty and not overly sweet. This is a really good dessert to bring home.

Tokyo Banana has many outlets. Click on the website link to look for more of the outlets. You may want to search for Tokyo Banana in Google and then ask for an English translation if you don't understand Japanese.

Address : Available in many Duty Free Shops in Narita Airport

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Finnbarr P. Murphy said...

I always buy a box when transiting NRT.


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