Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ali Fatimah Food Stall @ Redhill Close Food Centre for Roti Prata

I remember that there were instances that I have to leave home early. Even at 6am, Ali Fatimah's Roti Prata is available for my breakfast before I start the day. I recall that they use to make their own prata dough. So Ali (I don't know the owner's name, I guess it's Ali from the stall's name) will beat up the dough with his strong muscular arm inside a red big plastic basin every afternoon after he close for the day at around 11am~noon. Nowadays, he gets his dough pre-made from a supplier. Yet, the standard is still the same. It's his skill in getting the roti prata right that cause a human queue rather than the type of dough he used. The prata that he flips up is spread thin such that after frying on the hot plate, it's crispy. Every prata is made fresh to the order. So when you eat it hot, the prata is crispy. The prata with egg is less crispy but more tangy.

This is my stainless steel plate (makes me think of eating in army canteen huh ....) of Kosong (plain, S$0.70) and Telor (egg, S$1.20) Prata. The extra curry mutton cost S$2.50 

A close up of the S$2.50 piece of mutton dunked inside the curry. Ali Fatimah makes good curry. The mutton that comes with the curry is so soft and tender that it's so easy to chew on.

When you are in Redhill Close Food Centre and crave for this popular local food, visit Ali Fatimah Food Stall and let Ali fix you a good Roti Prata Breakfast.

Address : Blk 85 Redhill Lane #01-01 Redhill Close Food Centre

Country : Singapore

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