Saturday, August 8, 2009

餃子の王將 Gyoza no Ohsho

Gyoza no Ohsho serves the Japanese style Chinese food. This little humble looking restaurant, or more appropriately, a food shack, is located in the Cuppage Plaza, right at the side entrance that leads to Centrepoint Shopping Mall. There are not many seats as customers are expected to eat and leave. This is a familiar set-up that I observed in the streets of Tokyo and Osaka. As their name suggest, gyoza is their specialty, and everyone on my table gave the thumbs up. The gyozas were crispy on the outside and still maintained juicy on the inside. Although there was a big bunch of them from the 3 dinner sets that we ordered, we were able to wipe the plate clean. Most importantly, the gyozas that we ate were not overly greasy. Oishi!

S$16 Dinner Set
A few of us ordered the Dinner Set that comprised of fried rice,
tonkatsu, cabbage salad, scrambled egg, fried chicken in mixed
vegetable sauce. This is all contained in a 12 inch plate.
This includes half a dozen of gyozas as shown in first photo.

The food shack also serves a variety of ramen. However, I find the ramen soup here rather salty. I had a little dilemma trying to categorize Gyoza no Ohsho under my diary's "Indulge" or "Budget" section and finally decided to add it here. The indulgence here is not tag to the price but rather the tasty "whale" sized portion that they provided. Big eaters please visit 餃子の王將 for their dinner set.

Address : 5 Koek Road, #01-10 Cuppage Plaza

Tel : +65 6735 7068

Opening Hours : Monday ~ Saturday 11.30am ~ 2am Sunday& Public Holiday 12pm ~ 12am

Gyoza no Ohsho Website

Country : Singapore


KennyT said...

These gyoza look divine!

Unknown said...

The gyoza taste good too! This is a one of the places that there ain't any decor but serves down right sincere food.

red fir said...

The chahan is awesome.

Unknown said...

Yes Ice. The Chahan was great and the portion humongous. I see many people sharing the Dinner set. That makes it a budget place then :)


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