Monday, August 10, 2009

Maxim Palace @ City Hall for Dim Sum in Hong Kong Central

City Hall Maxim's Palace is now our de facto dim sum place whenever we were too lazy to search for another less touristy one. It's near to the MTR station and yet commands a Victoria Harbour view (although the view may be slightly blocked now as there are some reclamation developments going on in the area.). In Maxim's, the common dim sum dishes will always be there but I will always keep a look out for the special dim sum dishes that changes with the chef's creations.

Main Dining Hall of Maxim's Palace
Look at the crowd. This is not a wedding dinner.
Dim Sum is indeed big business in Hong Kong.

滚汤饺 Soup Dumpling
Hy's favourite. She never fail to order the soup
dumpling during dim sum sessions

Beef Ribs
I seldom see beef ribs being sold as
dim sum dish in Singapore.

腐皮卷 Shrimp Roll
A common dim sum dish. Some made it crispy but
Maxim's version was dunked in savory sauce.

Fried Coconut and Milk Pudding
Every one of us love this one for it's overpowering
fragrance of the coconut coupled with the richness of the milk.

烧卖 Siew Mai
The 'must have' for a dim sum meal.

叉烧稣 Char Siew Pastry
Tasty pastry filled with char siew.

Ginger and soya bean milk pudding
How can I miss this dessert. This is basically smooth
soya bean curd with ginger juice added to it.

The ticket for the bill
Collect stamps as you order from the push carts
dim sum delicacies that come your way.
Pass this to the cashier on your way out.

However, I preferred the less atas Lin Heung Tea House @ Wellington Street (here's a link to a fellow foodie's blogsite) that I've eaten twice with my friends and my parents several years back.

There's a similar set-up in the likes of Red Star along Chin Swee Road (in Singapore).

Cost : about HK$100 per person

Address : Low Block, City Hall, Central, Hong Kong

Tel : 2521 1303

Opening Hours :
Mon~Sat 11:00am~3:00pm 5:30pm~11:30pm
Sun & Public Holidays 9:00am~3:00pm 5:30pm~11:30pm

Country : Hong Kong


KennyT said...

Your photos are always so beautiful, making Maxim Palace's dim sums look a lot more delicious than they actually taste, haha.

Slurp said...

Thanks Kenny. Any good dim sum places Central, Wanchai or Causeway Bay? I think I'll be back in HK during the X'mas period this year.


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