Wednesday, August 12, 2009

天天海南咖哩饭 Tian Tian Hainanese Curry Rice

Following the recommendations of a fellow foodie, I came to Blk 116 Bukit Merah View, 天天海南咖哩饭 Tian Tian Hainanese Curry Rice. The stall resides in the 鸿裕 Hong Yu Coffee shop. This sunny afternoon, I came, I ate and I enjoyed.

My S$7 Curry Rice Lunch from Tian Tian
S$7 for everything that's spread out here.
I thought it's good value for the quality.

Pork Chop
The crispy pork chop is drizzled with the same sauce as the pork patty.

Minced Pork Patty
The minced pork patty came "swimming" in a
bowl of peppery sauce with onions, peas and corn.

A bite off my minced pork patty
Half bitten pork patty over the "curried" rice.

"Curried" Squid
This is a portion for one person. A whole piece of the squid
will cost S$7. The squid is very tender as it is well cooked.
Overcooking this will result in a heap of "rubber bands".

Stir Fried Cabbage
It doesn't look at all appetizing on its own but the look is
deceiving. Compliments well with the "curried" rice.

Tau Pok
The tau pok is so so only .....

"Curried" Rice
My plate of "curried" rice with a a different tinge of yellow
and orange. A small myriad of curry and braised sauces
was drizzled on my plate of white rice. More curry sauce please!

The Curry Rice Stall in the Kopi Shop
A little queueing may be needed at the stall. It's after all a stall
that has made a name with the several media coverage.

Address : Blk 116 Bukit Merah View, Hong Yu Coffee Shop.

Opening Hours : 8:00am~9:30pm (Closed on alternate Tuesday)

Country : Singapore


ice said...

Awww.... looks yummy! Glad you liked it. :) You ate so much hehe.

Slurp said...

I'll try to go for quantity if the food got quality. Provided it doesn't cause a dent on my piggy bank.

ice said...

Another one to try if you're still on the curry rice quest. Beo cresent "no name" curry rice, it's more old school & definitely alot cheaper, been eating there for a decade. I've blogged this one before, ieat too. There I'd recommend the pork chop, assam fish, curry chicken & braised cabbage, and strangely hor bao dan (fried egg with dark sauce!). Pork pattie is not as good as Tian Tian's but the curry gravies are darn good. The food centre is slated for upgrading soon, so it pays to visit before this curry rice stall moves/closes.

ice said...

Oh yes the sambal/assam shark's meat & eggplant too.

Slurp said...

will try it some other time. Been having too much curry lately ...... :)


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