Friday, December 24, 2010

De Burg .... Watch out for their Burgers!

Pork Burger with 200g Australian Pork Patties
The last burgers that I had were from the likes of Carl's Jr and McDonald's, all of them popular American burger chain. Finding one burger joint in the heartland housing estate that can beat the American joints was really exhilarating. In a coffee shop under an old HDB flat in Ghim Moh lies De Burg. De Burg specializes in burgers and they use premium meat from Australia. There's 2 sizes for the burgers in the menu. Needless to say, there's a range of beef burgers and even the Wagyu. However, the Wagyu will be served in limited servings and only during Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Apart from beef, there's also chicken and pork. The photo above shows my pork burger with a 200g Australian Pork Patties. The smaller portion is available with the 100g patty. This De Burg's pork burger has the pork patty, crispy bacon, fresh tomato and wild rockets sandwiched between soft sesame sprinkled burger bun. The highlight of this burger was the tasty, juicy pork patty that had the juice ooze out as I slice through the burger. 

In addition to burgers, De Burg also served sausages. We ordered a 12 piece Viennese sausage set. These sausages tasted really delicious with the BBQ sauce that came with it. It tasted superb on it's own too.

Here's a peek of the simple looking stall. However simple's the stall, their burgers do pack a punch. One little flaw is in their fries. It was a little too hard. After my lunch here in this coffee shop, I think it'll be advisable to take the seats outside under the canvas shelter. Else, like me, you'll smell like cooked food. De Burg produces good burgers worth the time to take apart. Woof!

Blk 10 Ghim Moh Road
#01-78 Stall 3


Anonymous said...

How would you compare the burgers from DeBurg to those from FaBoy's?

Unknown said...

I had the pork burger in De Burg and the Beef Burger from Fat Boys, so I can't compare. The bun from Fat Boys a bit softer though and eating burger in Fat Boys is more comfortable as there's air conditioning. As for their burgers I think they taste good in their own way. De Burg's fries are harder.


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