Monday, August 8, 2011

猫山王@717 ... this time eating out of styrofoam boxes

It was impromptu and unplanned ..... The Eatz Eatz Eatz group gathered for  dinner in a nearby Chinese restaurant Zui Xiang Xiao Chu. Dinner was filling and everyone were grumbling that they were all full. Miraculously, at one person's enticing to visit 717 Trading (which is popular for their durians), suddenly everyone can make space in our stomachs for durians as desserts. Tonight, Highland Centre has the 7th month dinner under the marquees set-up right in front of the building, but 717 Trading was business as usual. We manage to grab 3 boxes of the 猫山王 Mao Shan Wang durian at S$35 per box.

Due to the 7th month Festival dinner, there weren't much stock so there was a mad rush for the durians. Like always, 717 wants to control their quality so only the good ones inside each durian were placed inside the boxes. We took the boxes of Mao Shan Wang and still proceeded to eat at their tables that was laid right beside the road there's even one of the tables extended all the way to the bus stop. 

The makeshift tent where boss Ming Hong was opening the durians with a few of his workers and then packing them into styrofoam boxes. Everyone's still queuing fervantly, hoping to get at least a box of the Mao Shan Wang.

This was captured sometime ago at 717 where we had the durian with the whole husk. Still prefer have them out of the husk then inside styrofoam boxes. Somehow it taste better!

22 Yio Chu Kang Road
Highland Centre #01-01
Tel : +65 6487 2777

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