Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bedok 'Zui Kueh' 水粿 .... the best one is still at Bedok Interchange

This photo shows an un-glamorized 'zui kueh' that comes slightly flattened and straight out of the takeaway paper packaging. 'Zui Kueh' 水粿 is a popular local Chinese delight. Steamed rice flour cake formed the base of this dish and then later topped with heaps of minced preserve radish. One of the best names for Zui Kueh have to be Bedok Zui Kueh. They have many franchise stalls around Singapore but the best have to be from the main stall at Bedok Interchange Food Centre.

It was 8am and there's already a long queue at the stall. So it seemed that everyone knows that the best of the Bedok Zui Kueh ends at this queue. As this is budget food at S$1 for 4 pieces, it just means the faster the hands keeps moving to churn out the orders, the more moolas goes into the cash box. So .... like a flash of lightning .......

快手快脚 ..... in a flash, the lady standing further inside the stall scooped out the rice flour cake  out of the shallow stainless steel containers.

快手快脚 ..... in another flash, the lady standing nearer to the outside of the stall front who take orders will heap the minced preserved radish 菜脯. This heap of preserved radish is the soul of this local food that gives the taste to the otherwise boring rice flour cake.

The savory bits of preserved radish over the top of Zui Kuehs are generally a stir fried mixture of preserved radish (main ingredient), shallots and garlic. This essential topping would be the more the merrier but some stalls would try to give you less and even charge for extra. Bedok Zui Kueh at this Bedok Interchange stall gave a generous heap that you wouldn't need to request for more.

Here's a link to a recipe for Zui Kueh from My Kitchen Blog if you'l like to try it out yourself.

Blk 207 New Upper Changi Road
Bedok Interchange Food Centre #01-53

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