Sunday, August 28, 2011

新天地小厨 Cafe de Hong Kong .... expect French toast, milk tea .... but wine with these food?

As we were searching for just good simple Hong Kong style instant noodles 丁麵 for the weekend, we found Cafe de Hong Kong 新天地小厨 along Balestier Road. It was said that this Hong Kong cafe started serving typical street like milk tea and  instant noodles but ended up catering to the needs of customers. They're even serving Cantonese cuisine now.

Like all Hong Kong style cafe in Singapore, there has to be the Hong Kong style French toast. The one here's really good. 

Sandwiched between the toast was some creamy peanut butter .... Peanut on the inside, melted butter and the uniformly coated eggy exterior. Heck care any health warning. The good one like this is worth it!

As I was saying, there's more than the street food in Cafe de Hong Kong. The preview was what I had as dessert to go with a cup of yuan yang 鸢鸯, coffee mixed with tea and milk. Here's we had for dinner not typical of a Hong Kong cafe.

The Pork Ribs and Cordycep Soup is the soup of the day that's not the regular in the menu. It must have been slow cooked for quite a while to get the sweet flavor out of the pork rib and have the meat almost falling off the ribs. I don't know how authentic is the cordycep, probably the lower grade or 'mock' grade for the price that we're paying. It was delicious anyway.
This Diced Beancurd with Seafod Claypot was tasty with white rice but I thought ....... so so only.

The Roasted Chicken with Red Fermented Beancurd Dip is one of the restaurant's signature dish.  We reserved half a chicken. A 1 day advanced pre-order is needed to enjoy this dish. I was looking forward to this dish as I thought that the fermented beancurd was used to marinate the chicken and then roasted. I was a little disappointed when I realized that the chicken was simply roasted and lightly salted and the fermented beancurd component was the dip sauce remote from the chicken. However, the best of the chicken was brought out from the skillful roasting. The skin was crispy that it crackled when we bit into it and the meat was juicy and tender. Normal roast chicken would require a more generous shower of salt but it was purposely lightly salted so that it wouldn't be too salty with the fermented beancurd sauce. The slightly sweetened pinkish colored sauce gave the roast chicken with it's appealing crispy skin it's uniqueness. Thumbs up to this dish!

With all delicious fried rice, this Fish Roe Fried Rice was cooked with 'wok hei' The fish roe gave the rice a great seafood taste. The fish roe made the fried rice taste good and looked pretty too. Every mouthful of the rice came with that fun popping of the fish roe as we chomp. 

We saw several tables with wine bottles and glasses on their table and found out that Cafe de Hong Kong has a small wine list. You're welcome to bring your own wine and they don't charge a corkage fee.

There's the traditional almond paste, black sesame paste and red bean soup for dessert.

Cafe de Hong Kong does served the Hong Kong style instant noodles 丁麵 . They just don't serve them during dinner time. This cafe serve great Cantonese cuisine at affordable price. I think it's a keeper.

586 Balestier Road
#01-01 Eastpac Building
Cafe de Hong Kong Website

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