Saturday, August 13, 2011

阿林 Ah Lim Mee Pok You Mian Kway Teow Mee @ 小而大 Soy Eu Tua Coffee Shop

HY's appetite haven't been normal lately. Everything that she wanted to eat ended up unfinished and many times I'll have to pick up the slack. I'm 2kg up on the scales from this recent spate. However, we discovered that the Mee Pok from 阿林 Ah Lim was up her alley. Ah Lim's stall is inside 小而大 Soy Eu Tua Coffee Shop located at the Upper East Coast Road and Jalan Tua Kong junction. We were at Ah Lim's at 9am this morning .........

I ordered a dried mee kia and asked for a little chilli as the chilli here was damn powerful. Their normal portion of chilli was too overwhelming for me. The noodle here was tangy and the sauce mix made the noodle very fragrant. Each bowl of the regular portion has 2 fish balls, minced pork and a few slices of fish cake.

HY's requested for dried mee pork, without chilli, ketchup or vinegar. This would be a test of how good the noodles are cooked here. It pass our test. Noodles here were simply cooked with the fried pork lard with light soy sauce and just like this the al dente mee pork were already so delicious.

Here's 阿林 Ah Lim's stall inside 小而大 Soy Eu Tua Coffee Shop. As long as we're staying in the East, I think this will be one of our breakfast place now.

15 Upper East Coast Road
小而大 Soy Eu Tua Coffee Shop

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