Sunday, July 15, 2012

厨道 Chu Dao Chinese Cuisine ... Joo Chiat's Chinese Cuisine up one notch because of Chu Dao

Katong, in recent years, has reinforced itself as a gastronomy hotpot. One can find cupcakes, durian puffs, wan ton mee, artisanal French bread, Italian cuisine, Peranakan food, etc. you name it, all within walking distance of each other. Katongnites are definitely spoil for choice and one need not travel out of Katong for a while to whet the appetite. A most welcome addition to the area is 厨道 Chu Dao Chinese Cuisine, owned and helmed by Chef Tan Yong Hua who has chalked up several accolades up his sleeves with his 23 years of culinary experiences from various renown restaurants. The creativity in his cuisine definitely brings new air to the area and raise the refinement of Chinese cuisine in Katong. We were so impressed by our first visit to the restaurant that we followed up with subsequent visits, in close successions, with different groups of friends and relatives. Everyone was impressed by Chef Tan's cooking. Though Chef may look like one who prefers to hide quietly behind closed doors in the kitchen to perform his feat, he is definitely not a stranger to the media and in fact has appeared on several food themed TV programs in the local TV scene. Needless to say, he is friends to many local celebrities who appeared on photos that he proudly display near the entrance.

The 北京烤鸭 Peking Duck is one of the restaurant's signature. You get the first few piping hot slices of the crispy skin. The rest was then sliced up for wrapping in the popiah skin. This is just like how it is served at Imperial Treasures Super Duck and Paradise Pavilion. However, there's still left over duck meat that provided another stir fried duck with ginger and spring onions.

金瓜盅家传软骨肉焖南瓜 Stewed Soft Pork Ribs with Pumpkin and Mantou in Homemade Style served in Mini Pumpkin. As the name suggest, the pork ribs was DB tender and the sauce was pumpkin sweet after being cooked inside the mini pumpkin. The dish came with a mini bun for swiping all the delicious sauce.

炭烧焗鼎锅 Garouper Baked in Claypot came with a wow from all of us when the lid was taken off. Never knew fresh fish need not be steamed the conventional way to make it taste tender. Get ready some white rice to go with the sauce. Shiok!

姜葱龙虾焖黄面 Stewed Yellow Noodles with Lobster and Spring Onion.This was indulgent to say the least as it's usually one of the last dish of the course. Yummilicious! 

Flavors of the lobster got juiced into the gravy and made the noodles so yummy. We didn't spare any of the tender lobster meat of course!

Before I wrap this up, Acha lovers, Chu Dao's complimentary Acha was refreshingly good. Dad loves it! 
45 Joo Chiat Place #01-01
Singapore 427769
Tel : +65 6344 1925

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