Sunday, July 22, 2012

In and Out Nylon Coffee Roasters for more than just coffee

A visit to Nylon Coffee Roasters at Everton Park has become a weekly affair for the after lunch caffeine fill up. Now I wonder if I'm drawn by their coffee or the joy of just basking in the intimate coffee talk within the 3X3 metres space beyond the glass door. I guess it should be a bit of both .... 

Here's how Nylon Coffee Roasters looks like from outside. So don't miss it.

Many cafes try to tame the acidity of the cafe lattes and cappucino by giving the beans a darker roast to eliminate the acidity resulting in an over balanced coffee that can end up being boring. The good folks of Nylon keep their roast light to medium in order not to lose the characteristics and flavors of their beans. 

White Coffees are available in 3, 5 and 7 oz cup sizes. Love my 5 oz cup with the thick milk foam. The punch of the El Primero (Nylon's house espresso blend) shines through with a gradual finish of sweetness from the rich milk foam. 5 oz is close to the typical cappucinno. 

Rich milk foam helps to tone down the acidity to a perfection without masking flavors of the coffee. The barristas can be engaging you in jovial chatter but when they start cupping your coffee you can see their total focus to achieve that perfect finish.

The month of June was scorching and dehydrating and so the iced white coffee was a crave. Other than iced coffee, there's the pour over with the Kalita wave dripper and brew from the Aeropress.

Here's the Aeropress in action. Aeropress is supposed to provide  a brew with stronger body and lesser acidity. I had a preview of the Rwanda beans that's not on the rack yet. The taste was very clean when brewed with the Aeropress using the Able disk filter, which is a stainless steel disk with tiny perforated holes. Previously, conventional paper filters were used. - updated on 19th August 2012

Sometimes when siesta follows a heavy lunch, the coffee boy, me, will volunteer to fetch coffee.  Don't the takeaway cups looked like mustachioed gentlemen with their top hats?

My heavy duty takeaway ... Freshly roasted beans, Kalita filters and of course, takeaways for my folks who's still taking a nap.  - updated on 11 November 2012 

Recently, the "under powered" but steady Rocket Espresso Machine was replaced by ....

... the La Marzocco that would be able to cope with the sporadic spikes in coffee aficionados thronging the coffee roasters. This is happening ever so often now.

Even when you'll like to brew your own coffee at home, Nylon do have some coffee gadgets like this scoop for coffee beans that doubles up as a coffee bag clip.

The Kalita Wave Dripper is up for grasp for your marvelous pour over at home.

Even Little Julien enjoy the jovial chatter inside Nylon while we enjoy the coffee.

Some folks brought their Keep Cup. Little Julien brought his own too!

Some times ......

... the Sadie Rose ladies decided to pop up with their yummilicious goodies so that folks can enjoy cakes, tarts, cookies and even some savories with their coffee. Need to stay tuned to Nylon Coffee Roasters' Facebook Page for updates of any future pop-ups.

... some sweet cakes when the Sadie Rose ladies appears.

They may bring some citrous tarts too ...

Or some savories ...

4 Everton Park #01-40
Singapore 080004
Tel : +65 6220 2330


Amasou Umasou said...

Oh, they got themselves an upgrade.

Wanted to pay a visit last week but was stuck in the rain. Missed all the actions

Unknown said...

I don't think the machine makes a difference to the quality though. It's still as good. Just that they're able to handle sudden spike in orders. The Rocket some times lose steam when handling too many cups at one go. :)


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