Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Skyving" in progress @ Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar

We almost ran out of ideas for brunch and Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar shows up on Chope, a local restaurant reservation website. This bistro and bar is tucked nicely in an old school compound that had gone through simple retrofitting to turn it into more lucrative commercial spaces. HY got our table booked. It was a quiet enough place for brunch and our "transaction" to take place. My parent's babysit little Julien and Friday is his "sleepover" day and our free-from-baby day. On Saturday, it's my little nephew's turn to sleepover. So, Skyve served as the perfect haven for us, dad, mum, sis, HY, my nephew and niece and little Julien to eat brunch, and then swap our kids from/to their respective sleepover schedules. This ex school campus happens to be my dad's alma mater. As we walked from the open car park, dad showed us his principal's office, an outcrop from the main building on the second floor with a bird's eye view to spot late comers trickling in from the entrance. On our way to Blk E, where the bistro is locate, we passed by his classroom. Our choice of brunch venue turned out to be a fun casual experience for all of us and definitely a nostalgic one for dad.

Where "skyving" is concerned, Skyve provides several choices. Skyve while dinning indoor or outdoors under strategically placed ceiling fans, skyve over drinks on their cushy sofa, on the weaved rattan seats below the tree and if you like, that are even options for skyving on a rocking chair or a swing outdoors. What's more in Skyve is their good range of booze if you're the discerning drinker who's visiting just for a tipple. With so many skyving options from 10am till late, well hidden from the main thoroughfare of Bukit Timah Road, a spacious ambience and casual relaxing cuisine from Chef Vincent Teng, we thought this bistro and bar is a keeper. By the way, the term mentioned above on many occasion is "skyving" and not "skiving". I'm a pro-productivity activist ;-)

Skyver's Breakfast - 2 eggs with choice of style (overeasy, sunny-side-up, scrambled, poached), choice of bread (wholemeal, brioche, sourdough), served with wild mushroom fricassee, English Pork Sausage, confit of cherry tomatoes and roasted baby potatoes. Mum and Dad shared this and polished them all.

Ricotta Hot Cakes - Maple Syrup, Passionfruit Butter, roasted almond flakes, fresh bananas. Sis shared this with my nephew and my niece. Don't think many kids will resist pancakes. Pancakes was soft and fluffy I thought passionfruit butter was too much for me. I still prefer good old salted butter to go with pancakes. Sis thought it was good though.

Fish and ChipsHY liked this and mentioned that it's better the one from Smith's Fish and Chips. This means it's not the authentic English style. Crispy batter that locked in the juicy tender fish inside was most welcome.

Duo Min Beef Burgers ... Hearty Juicy and so ..... yummy!

10 Winstedt Road 
Blk E #01-17
Tel :  +65 6225 6690

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