Monday, July 30, 2012

The Garden Slug ... A Choice "Sluggish" Breakfast Place

The Garden Slug is a cosy diner located in Bright Centre of Lorong Telok Kurau L. Our GPS led us to a "sluggish" part of Telok Kurau and it didn't help that at 9am on Saturday morning, the car park was almost desolate. We chose the plastic chairs outside facing the main road. The ambience was so chill at that time that it rendered me sluggish. I felt like a slug who wanted to take my time over breakfast. The Garden Slug was awarded the Top 10 All-Day-Breakfast Place by Epicure magazine in 2010 and we were agreeable with Epicure's recommendation for breakfast ... minus the coffee.

Battered Seafood Sandwich - Battered ocean hake on multi grainbread, layered with greens, tomatoes & tartar sauce, served with a hearty side of calamari rings, potato wedges, veggie sticks, and a piquant dip. I hope it's not because we're overwhelmed with hunger but the bread was perfectly toasted and the hake crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The Ultimate Bangers and Mash - A happy medley of German pork bratwurst, chicken chipolata, and spicy Italian pork& beef sausages atop Real Mash with sauteed onions and mustard. May not be a pretty sight but the bangers was a BIG BANG for me. Yummilicious! Especially the spicy Italian pork and beef sausages.

All thumbs up for our breakfast except for coffee. When we were told that the Cafe Latte came in a 17oz cup, we immediately ask for a double shot but that didn't help us feeling that coffee was drowned by milk. We were too used to have cafe latte in a 5 oz cup.

55 Lorong Telok Kurau L
#01-59/61 Bright Centre
Singapore 425500
Tel : +65 6346 0504


red fir said...

Turning into a coffee snob HA!

Unknown said...

Not a snob lah ... just more assured of how I like my kopi :)

LauraStradivari said...

This look so good!

LauraStradivari said...

the food looks so good!


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