Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hair for Hope ... I never thought I'll ever look good until I made bald a statement

I never thought I'll ever look good until I was present on the stage today to support Hair for Hope, an event by Children Cancer Foundation. There goes my hair but it's all worth while. I've never felt prettier inside me. 

Through this symbolic gesture of shaving bald, the Children Cancer Foundation aims to: 
1. Create awareness of childhood cancer in Singapore 
2. Show children with cancer and their families that they are not alone in their fight against cancer
3. Tell children with cancer that it is OK to be bald 
4. Raise funds to help children with cancer and their families
5. Build a community of support for children with cancer and their families

If you would like to support the cause, you can join the fun now (or tomorrow) at Vivocity (28th~29th July 2012). With a token sum of $20 you get to participate, go on stage to get a clean shave from professional hair dressers from Jean Yip Group and to show your support for childhood cancer. If you're not free to grace the event, and wish to donate, you can show your generosity through a friend of Hungry Cow, Ryan. I think Ryan's cause has more conviction than mine.

Thank You guys for supporting the cause! :)


red fir said...

Salute! Does little Julien still recognize his hairless papa? ;P

Unknown said...

Haha I don't even recognize myself in the mirror. Julien was a little baffled at first but got used to it very fast. I respect all the ladies that shed theie locks :)


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