Friday, November 7, 2008

Desert Hut ............... for traditional Chinese desert

During lunch today, my friends introduced me to this traditional Chinese desert shop. Although the shop is located in a corner, on the second floor of the mall, the lunch time crowd still bring in brisk business. After tasting the desert you'll find out why Desert Hut attracts so many people even though it does not have a good location. When you're there, you can tell that its original shop is not able to hold the number of customers streaming in. The owners have to rent 2 extra standard shop spaces right across the original shop just for extending their sitting space.

The group of us ate
1) Walnut cream
2) Almond cream
3) Yam cream
4) Sesame cream
5) Ice Kacang

There are many other traditional desert in the menu.

The almond cream that I ate was smooth and just adequately sweet. Yummy.

Cost : S$1.50~2.00 per bowl

Address : 101 Upper Cross Street, People's park Centre, #02-48

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