Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eng Kee 容记 .......... Fried Chicken Wings Expert

About 3.5 hours after my afternoon buffet with my munching mates, we are here in Commonwealth Crescent to satisfy my curiousity. I was puzzled the last time I was here and saw the line of people queuing for fried bee hoon with chicken wings and other processed food (Taiwanese sausage, luncheon meat, fish cake etc.) What's the draw! 

The line of people at Eng Kee 容记 .........

Here's what we had. Fried Bee Hoon, chicken wings, cabbage. I purposely left out the luncheon meat and wu xiang out of the picture. Nothing special ..........

So the highlight here is the FRIED CHICKEN WINGS! Looks ordinary, but it's good stuff. The kitchen just churn out the fried chicken non-stop. It’s common for every order to be 10 or more chicken wings. We had an order of 10 chicken wings too. Although we weren't too hungry after our afternoon tea buffet, we still managed to whack all 10 of the chicken wings .........

Cost : about S$5 per person.

Address : Blk 117, Commonwealth Crescent

Country : Singapore

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