Sunday, November 9, 2008

Leong Yeow Chicken Rice ............... for Roast chicken rice

Leong Yeow chicken rice stall is one of the stall in the Albert Center Hawker Centre that has a long queue.  Their roast chicken rice is the popular dish. I ordered the roast chicken rice and asked specifically for breast meat. Many chicken rice stall will have dry chicken breast meat for their roast chicken. However, Leong Yeow's roasted chicken meat under the roasted skin is still not dry like in many places. They are quite generous as they even gave me soup in a plastic container for my chicken rice take away.

S$3 worth of roasted chicken rice ................

Address : 160 Queen St #01-63 Albert Center Temporary Market

Opening Hours : 10.30am - 7.00pm

Country : Singapore


ice said...

I see you follow closely Les's blog & forum but I think you got the wrong stall lol. The one they recommended is at Waterloo St #01-29. Nan Tai Eating Hse haha. :)

Slurp said...

Nope did not follow Les's blog, maybe I'll take a look. I just went to the temporary market for food and I thought the roast chicken rice was nice. So I decided to put it on my blog. :)


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