Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ya Kun Kaya Toast @ China Street ............... nice place to "la kopi"

Whenever, I have the coffee and toast at Ya Kun, I cannot help but remember my late grandmother during the days when she was a vegetable seller and I was still very small. I recalled that she would buy her "Kopi-O" and the kaya and butter toast when I followed her to the transit market "铁巴刹". The transit market was built during the years that Lau Pa Sat was undergoing major facelift. It was in the transit market when I first eaten Ya Kun's toast and coffee. I think the standards of Ya Kun did not change since then .......... comment only pertaining to the flag ship outlet.

Ya Kun became a big household name when the family business started its branding to bring it up-market. Until now it has a pretty impressive franchise empire. There are even Ya Kun outlets in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and The Philippines.

I just like the Ya Kun at the flag ship outlet. The Ya Kun quality is consistent here. The toast good. The half boiled eggs made just right and the kopi-O fragrant.

............... the Ya Kun flag ship shop in a restored shophouse.

................ inside the shophouse where it is clean and spacious. There are some alfresco tables outside the shophouse.

................ the S$3.70 breakfast set.

............... the famouse kaya and butter toast

I find that the other outlets have insconsistency in their quality. Well maybe its the way that I like the toast, the eggs and the coffee made. Taste buds are rather personal to each and eveyone. To me Ya Kun kaya and toast have to be eaten at the china Street outlet.

To add to that, if you ever have the time on a weekday morning, you can see strings of people coming to the outlet or walking by to the office. I'm a people watcher. If you're one like me and have the time ......... this is the place to "la kopi" in the morning. It can add to one's life pleasure especially when you are on leave, sipping your cup of kopi slowly, and seeing people rushing to work.

Address : 18 China Street #01-01 (Flagship shop)

Tel :
+65 6438 3638

Website :

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