Wednesday, November 19, 2008

夜来香 Ye Lai Xiang Tasty Barbeque Charcoal Grill .......... Grill in Big Portions

One of my ex colleague had introduced me to this Western Grill place about 6~7 years ago. Ever since Ye Lai Xiang is one of my choiced place for budget Western Food. The boss wears a big spectacles and always seems to wear a white T-shirt while preparing the food. He's not very friendly to customers an even rejects orders of only french fries. However, his food is good. Many people will go for the $12 Sirloin steak. When preparing the thick sirloin steak, he'll first place the steak vertical, leaning the steak at the side of the metal support at the edge of the hot plate or wok cover for support. The lard will melt some and then he'll place the steak at its sides to cook to near his standard of perfection. The chicken chops that he prepare is equally good.

The queue at Ye Lai Xiang 夜来香 ..............

I'm not a beef eater so I ordered my delicious chicken chop (S$6). The photo shows 2 big pieces of chicken thigh meat.............

A close up of the chicken chop cooked to a nice golden brown colour. It's still tender inside .........

Address : 40A Commonwealth Avenue, #01-560 Commonwealth Ave Cooked Food Centre

Country : Singapore

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