Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Durian Season is here! ...... whether you hate it or love it. Part I

I'll know that durian season has arrived when I can smell the fragrance before I see the temporary stalls that were set-up to sell this "King of Fruits". Durian is a favourite fruit to many Singaporeans and people around the region. It's either you love it forever, or you never go near it. To many foreign friends, the alluring fragrance known to me, is an eternal stench.
The durians that were sold in fruit stalls are mostly imported from Malaysia, just north of our island. In Singapore, there are some durian trees, but land is just too scarce to be developed as durian plantations. That's why durians, in Singapore, are so much more expensive than in Malaysia.

This is the temporary stall that sold me their durians freshly transported via lorries from Batu Pahat in Malaysia. The price tag show, S$8 for 1 and S$20 for 3. At these, prices, it's considered quite cheap. Durians are also commonly sold, in other fruit stalls, by the weight. The prices will vary from the species. This link lead to Dr Leslie Koh food blog (our popular Singapore food blogger) that writes, in more details, about the different species of durian we get in Singapore.

The durian seller choosing and opening the thorny fruit with a knife.

Pincing and sampling the yellow flesh of the fruit before giving the nod of acceptance.

Our durian split right in the middle, exposing the yellow, creamy texture fruit inside the thorny exterior. I bought 3 and was good enough to put a smile on my mother-in-law's face for the whole day.

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