Sunday, June 7, 2009

Riders Cafe @ The Saddle Club for my after run breakfast

I came to know of Riders Cafe from a fellow foodie on What attracted me in her blog were the greens and promise of tranquility while enjoying my food. I did find out from her that Riders Cafe is open to public and, most of all, you don't need to own a horse to be allowed entry. This, I have to make sure before driving all the way there. It's not the most accessible place in Singapore. Wide expanse of greens is something hard to come by, but here in the Saddle Club, there's plenty of green and galloping horses.

Peering out of Riders Cafe at the pasture of green where the horses gets their exercise.

In the Saddle Club, the beast have more rights to the road. This is just an observation from me. Like most, I'll give way to the horses. Wouldn't you do that just to look at these magnificent beast gallop pass?

The interior of the Riders Cafe is spacious and airy. The high ceiling with the ceiling fans suffice to substitute air conditioning. When we were there, all tables were taken but we're just next in line. Even though all tables were almost filled, there was not even a hint of claustrophobia. The place is spacious!

Another Saturday morning after-run breakfast to share with my friends ..........

Morning Pancakes (S$10) - Berries Compote, Whipped Cream, Maple Syrup.

Riders Breakfast (S$13) - Two Eggs (Scrambled, Sunny Side, Over Easy), Protein Choices (Smoked Ham, Bacon Strips or Sausage), House Beans, Breakfast Potatoes and Brown Toast

My cuppa of Cafe Latte (S$4.20) is not too bad. I prefer a richer milk taste though.

I ask HY about how she thinks about the food here as compared to Jones the Grocer and she thought that the taste is comparable although it lacks a certain air of frivolity that Jones the Grocer presents. Any way, I think it's good food, relaxing atmosphere and definitely plenty of green and fresh air!

Address : 51 Fairways Drive, Bukit Timah Saddle Club

Country : Singapore


red fir said...

Should try Spruce for breakfast. It's really better than Riders. (:

Unknown said...

I'll go try to see if it's better than Hacienda. :)


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