Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oriole Cafe ....... for the gourmet coffee and the desserts

If you are a coffee lover, why wouldn't you wanna visit Oriole? There's John Ting, crowned No. 1 barista in Singapore, just this February, (and No. 21 in the World Barista Championships 2009 during 16~19 April) cupping your favourite espresso. See the two person that's at the bar counter? They came, ordered coffee, checking with John about their coffee for a while, gulp and left. Only for coffee here?

Here's HY's cuppucino (S$5), creamy and well balanced. There was the heart motif nicely created and I added some raw "sweetness" before taking the shot. That's a raw sweet (raw sugar) heart for you.

I've ordered the Picolo Latte (S$5) before checking what it actually contains until it arrived at the table. It's a triple shot of espresso. So, it's purposely created with the extra caffeine punch, and of course, that came with the extra bitterness of the additional espresso. So much for insomnia this very night.

The coffee cupped by Singapore's No. 1 barista was good and so were the desserts that followed .....

Chocolate Fudge Cake (S$5.50) - This is one of the cheapet dessert in the menu but it certainly taste good.

Honey Crumble Affogato (S$7) - I thought this dessert was good. The vanilla ice cream and the honey crumble blends well.

Here's some food that we ordered off the menu.

Cubano - roast pork, ham, pickles, melted cheddar, chilli may, pressed baguette (S$13.50)

Bangers & mash - grilled pork sausages, onion gravy (S$15)

Fish & Chips - lightly battered snapper loin,hme-made chips, tartare (S$15)

Moroccan lamb shawarma with hummus, presses flat bread (S$14.50)

Just proves the point that Oriole is a good cafe. The coffee's good. The dessert's good. The food is, however, not something to kill for. They are alright but not something for you to be reminded of Oriole. I'll be back for coffee and dessert though.

Address : 96 Somerset Road #01-01 Pan Pacific Suites

Tel : 6238 8348

Oriole Cafe Website

Country : Singapore


red fir said...

I just tried Oriole. I like the piccolo latte & desserts too. Awesome. I want to try the chocolate fudge cake next.

Unknown said...

the piccolo latte was oomph!


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