Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Food in Tiburon - Guayamas ........ our Mexican breakfast

When we arrived at Tiburon, I expected a long stretch of shops and restaurants awaiting but I realized that this city was more like a quaint town by the bay. The main street can be covered within 5~10 minutes of slow walk. It's "surely one of the shortest main streets in America" as quoted on a landmark sign. Tiburon is definitely a stop for avid cyclists who cycled all the way from San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge, and pass Sausalito. There is a ferry service that bring cyclists with their bikes across the bay back to San Francisco city. For guys like us who just want to chill out away from the hustle and bustle, Tiburon is definitely one place. After walking for a while, we decided to take our breakfast at Guaymas, a Mexican restaurant by the bay.

Alfresco tables out on the deck by the bay
The sun was beating down on us and the air
temperature is still a chilly 18 degrees celsius.
Perfect weather for alfresco dining. It offers
views of the Alcatraz and the San Francisco skyline.

Fresh Nachos were served with salsa sauce

Two eggs scrambled with shrimp, onions, mushrooms,
pasilla peppers and cactus (US$12.75)

Three eggs scrambled with house made Chorizo(US$9.00)
I liked the chorizo which tasted like our Chinese
minced meat cooked in chilli and sauteed bean paste.

Extra Serving of Chorizo (US$3.50)
I liked it so much I ordered an extra portion of the chorizo.
This is so like the sauteed minced pork in Teo Chew porridge.
I must have missed Singaporean food then.

Another popular diner in the same area is Sam's Cafe which was packed with people trying to catch a piece of the sun. Sometimes us humans are quite like sea lions (at Pier 39), both trying to get apiece of the sun when it gets chilly.

The crowd at Sam's Cafe
This is popular isn't it. A place for
American breakfast out in the sun

Sea Lions basking in the sun in San Francisco's Pier 39

Address : 5 Main Street, Tiburon, California

Tel : (415) 435 6300

Country : California, USA


KennyT said...

Lovely place! I like chorizo too.

Slurp said...

If I have US$10 million I wouldn't mind staying in this place.


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