Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heavens Indian Curry ......... Thosai Specialist in Ghim Moh

I realized that the last few times I was eating thosai, I have only been eating from Heavens Indian Curry, a hawker stall in Ghim Moh Food Centre. Thosai is a crepe like South Indian Delicacy that is rich in carbohydrates and proteins, from its main ingredients, rice and black lentils.The thosais here are freshly made on the round hot plates over the stoves. Their version is not as thick as others that I've eaten before and I liked this thiner thosai texture. There are several varieties of the thosai that they make. The varieties changes with the different filling that is added on the circular thosai before folding it into half, forming a semi-circular fan shape, and sandwiched the filling.

My Cheese and Egg Prata set at (S$2) to go with some chutneys and sambar.

Apart from the list of thosais, Heavens Indian Curry also have appam and puttu mayam. I love puttu mayam (S$1.80 per set) for the fragrance from the meshed vermicelli. In addition, the slight salty taste of the grated coconut and, of course, sweet coconut palm sugar (gula melaka) rolled into the meshed vermicelli makes a good dessert.

Address :Blk 20, Ghim Moh Road Food Centre, #01-13

Country : Singapore

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