Saturday, June 27, 2009

南興餐室 Nam Heng Restaurant Fried Oyster Omelette @ Kovan

Out at Kovan area, at the junction of Simon Road and Upper Serangoon Road, one can spot Nam Heng Restaurant, all fluorescent lights lit up at night. As you pass by, sometimes you'll notice the place slightly smoked out from the frying and grilling that's taking place. Although there were only three food stalls opened for business last night, none of the tables were empty. Any vacated table was immediately filled. On every table, there were plates of crispy fried oyster omelette. This was what my brother-in-law and I came for before visiting our friend's place for late night mahjong session.

I had to squeeze through a single wall of people, all waiting for their takeaways, before I can reach the lady to take my orders for a sit down meal.

The fried oyster omelette experts at work. That's the uncle who've been frying his crispy omelette for years.

It was after sometime, after we've finished the fried prawn noodles and satays from the other two food stalls, before the omelette arrived. The fried oyster omelette at Nam Heng is different. It's very crispy but also very oily. Many oyster omelette out there are fried less crispy leaving the omelette's starch still soft and sticky. Nam Heng's version is fried to an extent that there's lesser stickiness as more of the starch have already formed the golden brown crisp. Both my BIL and I loved this brand of fried oyster omelette, the very crispy kind. The only downside was the generous use of oil for the frying. Health conscious folks, please eat at your own discretion.

In our S$5 plate of fried oyster omelette, there were about 3 or 4 bigger oysters, the size of half a table spoon, embedded in the eggs and starch. The rest were smaller ones.

Here's the satays that we ate at Nam Heng Restaurant. They were quite good. The pork satay still has a pork lard section in between two sections of lean meat. This is something good to eat while waiting for the "star" dish.

I would recommend to eat the omelette only at the stall for the best experience. If you think that you'll like to do takeaway and leave it for a hour or so before you eat it, don't do it. It can look pretty gross with the oil escaping from the omelette after letting it set for sometime. It'll not be the Nam Heng Fried Oyster Omelette anymore.

Note that the fried oyster omelette is only available at night. During the day time, there's only fried carrot cake.

Address : 949 Upper Serangoon Road, at the junction of Simon Road (Near Kovan MRT station)

Opening Hours : Evening till 10pm

Parking Info : Along Simon Road public parking. Wait patiently for the car park. People who vacate from Nam Heng and other eateries will leave space for your car.

Country : Singapore

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Anonymous said...

Shifted to 965 upper Serangoon road!!

Better than ever...with more variety.

Eg,char quay teow,carrot cake,fried oyster,oyster egg,satay!!!!!

Operating hrs:Mon-Sun



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