Sunday, August 14, 2011

小鸡包 Chicken Bun and 糯米鸡 Chicken Glutinous Rice from 豐和香香港點心 Hong Ho Phang Hong Kong Tim Sum

When I first ate the buns from 豐和香香港點心 Hong Ho Phang, business was operating from a stall space in a coffee shop just around the corner. Business was so good that they decided to have their own shop space that not only sells buns but also chicken rice.  To HY and me, the draw to Hong Ho Phang is their 小鸡包 chicken buns and the 糯米鸡 chicken glutinous rice. There was no queue when I was on site about 5 minutes before 8am. I'm sure their regulars who come here for breakfast will start to fill up the seats in no time.

Orders are taken over at the counter and from here, you can see the buns being prepared by the huddle crowding around the ingredients.

Here's my takeaway pack of 6 小鸡包 small chicken buns at S$0.60 a piece. We used to buy up the whole shop, just a figure of speech, when our group of old friends gathered in a friend's place just one block of flat away for mahjong sessions. 'I'm going to BAO you guys' was the 'evil' pun intended when we brought the steaming hot buns before the mahjong session starts.

The bun skin is soft and light and what made the bun delicious is the chicken fillings and the sauce in there. I wonder if it's because I haven't been eating their buns for a while, but I thought that the bun skin is a tad too dry this time. It used to be soft and moist .... or was it me and my memory lost? To HY and me, it has to be the small chicken bun and not the big one. We like the small bun as the sauce and filling is tasty enough and just right for us that the portion of the big bun some how becomes an overdose. More doesn't necessary means merrier.

Another of Hong Ho Phang's popular items on their menu is the 糯米鸡 chicken glutinous rice. HY liked  chicken glutinous rice since she was a kid and the one from Hong Ho Phang is one of her favorites. This is the reason why I'm on site before 8am. We liked it that the chicken meat is mixed with a good amount of spring onions that gave it that appealing tint of piquancy.

Blk 325 Clementi Ave 5 #01-143


red fir said...

This is my favorite bao shop too. My favorite baos are the custard bao & vegetable bao. Big chicken bao, tau sar bao, lianrong bao & 糯米鸡 are family favorites too. hahaha we practically love every bao here. Try the vegetable bao, it's delicious with addition of crunchy chestnuts.

Unknown said...

Clementi's food is definitely within your radar.

red fir said...

They actually have outlets in Bedok North & Telok Kurau, if those are more convenient for you. (:

Unknown said...

O yes .... thanks for the tips .... they're nearer than Clementi for me. :)


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