Sunday, July 15, 2012

Broers Cafe ... the sandwiches and roasted potatoes.

Even if you're not a coffee lover, The Broers Cafe has got more to offer than that. When we step into the cafe this Saturday morning, there wasn't many people. Most of the folks seems to be regulars who may be living or working nearby as they greet the Broers folks like friends. We were glad that there's plenty of space for that big stroller that little Julien settled in. The ambience was quiet enough for Julien to catch an hour worth of deep sleep and us getting an equivalent hour of uninterrupted brunch. Brunch was sandwiches and coffee. Did I mention that the cafe has more to offer than coffee? Well, I meant their scrumptious sandwiches and also the addictive roasted potatoes that came as sides with the sandwiches.The amazing thing was that the guys recognized that we visited them and sat at the bar stool fronting the entrance (this is gone now). Then, it was only me and HY and today, about one year later, we came with little Julien. It might be the magic of their coffee, I joked

Apart from espressos, there are choices of 'Pour Over' or the 'Chemex' if you have time to wait for your coffee to drip.

You get your fresh brew of espresso from the Vibemme Espresso machine right behind the coffee bar.

Chicken Mayo Croissant -  Chicken Creamy Mayo with a dash of pepper in a freshly toasted, flaky, artisan made croissant. Artisanal is the right description for the croissant. The crispy texture was a delight that encompassed the delicious chicken and crunchy lettuce.

Smoked Norwegian Salmon Ciabatta - Smoked Salmon, fresh tomatoes and crispy lettuce in a crispy ciabatta loaf. Haven't had a crispy ciabatta like this one at Broers Cafe. This bread went well with the savory Norwegian salmon.

The Roasted Baby Potatoes were addictive! The potatoes were dressed in Broers's signature sauce. Like our first visit, we polished them off.

Caught this antique "Paymaster" machine siting in one corner of the cafe. I'm to young to know what's this use for :)

3 Petain Road
Singapore 208108
Tel : +65 6295 5426


FoodieFC said...

the paymaster machine is for wat? I am too young to understand too!

Anonymous said...

The Paymaster is used to print the amount when issueing cheques during the 80's

Unknown said...

Cool ... thanks for the enlightenment :)


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