Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blue Mountain Cafe @ Illuma ........ got a good deal for blue mountain coffee

I found myself some alone time between visiting my parents and fetching HY from keyboard lessons and decided to walk into Illuma at Bugis. Blue Mountain Cafe is one of the shop flanking the entrance from Queen street. I didn't want any lunch, so a coffee and cake would suffice. "A cup of Jamaican blue mountain coffee at S$5.90++ for Saturdays and Sundays" says the promotional sign boards outside the cafe. I'm a coffee lover, so how could I not like blue mountain at this price.
My cup of Blue Mountain S$5.90++
Usual price for a cup is S$9.90++. The blue mountain
was siphon brewed and took about 10 minutes before it was served.
This coffee is balanced in acidity and aroma. In order to savour the taste
with every sip, I'll cleansed my mouth with a gulp of ice water. At this
price the cup of blue mountain is really worth while. A must try!

The Apple Crumble (S$5.20)
The apple crumble was my choice to compliment
my blue mountain as I didn't want the other
sweet cheese cakes to affect my enjoyment.

The apple crumble was baked to a slight crunch on the
outside, with a rich buttery flavor. Apple
slices on the inside were not to sweet and a bit sour.
Just as I want it to be to go with the coffee.

*photos taken with Samsung Omnia Phone Camera

The Blue Mountain cafe also served savoury food. There weren't many people during lunch time today. I can't comment about food there, but the S$5.90++ per cup of blue mountain coffee is a must try!

Address : 201 Victoria Street Illuma #01-01/02

Tel : +65 6509 9318

Country : Singapore


myfoodsirens said...

I love the cup used! Very elegant haha.

Michael Whyte said...

Thanks for singing the praises of my beloved coffee. I am a Blue Mountain Coffee farmer. My family have been for three generations. We have always been told that our coffee is among the best in the world. But it is not until I learned how to use the computer and started to read the emotional reactions that coffee lovers have toward our coffee that I realized how appreciated Blue mountain coffee really is. Thanks again

Unknown said...

To myfoodsirens : Cups used to serve The Blue Mountain are usually elegant in order to match the coffee.

To Michael : Yes Michael, there are definitely Blue Mountain Coffee die hards all around the world! :)

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for visiting blue mountain cafe. real glad u enjoyed it. and hope u will visit again to try our food and ur feedback is appreciated=D

take caries and cheers


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