Thursday, September 24, 2009

陳家“嘟嘟“糕 Tan's Tu Tu Coconut Cake

Tan's Tu Tu Coconut Cake

The Tu Tu Cakes are steamed rice flour cakes, usually filled with sweetened grated coconut or peanut. Tan's Tu Tu Coconut Cake uses the brown gula melaka to sweeten the coconut. HY and I have been eating the Tu Tu cakes from Tan's ever since one of my buddy recommended Tan's Tu Tu Cakes to us several years ago. We only go for the coconut filled ones. Tan's Tu Tu Coconut Cakes are so good that they have made their way into the Food Republic Food Courts in Wisma Atria and Vivo City.

The rice flour is placed in a stainless steel mold,
filled with the ingredient and then finally sandwiched
with another layer of rice flour. The mold is then covered
with a damp white cloth and then placed onto a special
steamer. When ready, the cakes are placed onto little pieces
of pandan leaves. Tan's selling them at S$2.00 for 4 pieces.

This is the Clementi stall that I usually
get my "Tu Tu" Coconut Cakes.

Address : Clementi Ave 3 Blk 449 #01-211

Country : Singapore


ice said...

My favorite too, both the peanut & coconut filled. Actually the stall which these guys fry the flour is at Havelock Road near Beo crescent, the tutu kueh is kinda better there.

Slurp said...

Issit! I always thought the Clementi stall is the flagship. Don't have to so so far next time :) ......

wenhan said...

just want to let you all know, the po pia stall on the right side of this tutu stall is really good too. not to mention that the rojak at the left side is pretty famous too. 3 in 1, heavenly~


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