Monday, September 21, 2009

My "Sinful" Muddy Mud Pie from Coffee Club

MK, one of my buddy, hooked up with HY over Facebook this morning, and we decided to meet up at Coffee Club at Holland Village for a chat. Facebook is a great socialising tool isn't it.

While we were chatting over a meal, we were teasing another one of our buddy over text messages, taunting him to join us at Coffee Club. Some hint of disgruntle were shown from his text replies over the mobile. He is a sweet toothed, gentle giant who loved Mud Pie and missing the treat wrench his heart out. Well he's gonna miss the Coffee Club's mudpie today but he added that his little princess (just slightly more than 1 month old) was making him one hell of a "Mud Pie" as we speak. He was trying to dam our appetite for the pie, of course.

Coffee Club Muddy Mud Pie (S$8.90)
Mud Pie is essentially ice cream. The top beige coloured layer, rich cappucino flavoured
and the bottom layer, the milk chocolate ice cream. The ice cream rest on a crust of
compacted crushed Oreo. The pie would be unfinished if it isn't drizzled with chocolate
fudge and generous amount of cocoa powder. If I had my regular exercise this week, I
wouldn't call it sinful. But I've sinned! I skipped my exercise for the whole week.
Anyhow, the Mud Pie still taste great!

Don't worry YW, as our buddy, we had helped ourselves to your share. We'll suffer the punishment of the extra calories. That's what friends are for.

Address : 48A Lorong Mambong (Coffee Club outlet at Holland Village)

Country : Singapore


SistaFood said...

Hi there, just discovered your blog. Seems like coffee club's mudpie is pretty good ! :)

Btw, I've linked you up too!

Unknown said...

Yes it's quite good. It's a nostalgic food for me and my group of buddies. Thanks for linking me up.


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