Saturday, September 12, 2009

串銀炭火燒 Kushigin @ Cuppage Plaza for sumiyaki

Like all grilled food place, Kushigin was a little smokey
but casual enough for some loud banters and bouts of laughters.

We were trying our luck for last minute booking for Kazu on the 4th floor of Cuppage Plaza but got the door shut on us. However, there was another sumiyaki restaurant welcoming us on the ground floor by the name of Kushigin. We realized that we were quite lucky as there was an empty table of 4 just right for us.

Sashimi Salad (S$13)
This refreshing Japanese garden greens, salmon,
tuna and octopus mixed with the Japanese salad dressing
appealed to all of us. It was a good dish to crank up our
stomach 'engines' to start it chomping.

Grilled Foie Gras - Duck Liver (S$15.00/portion)
Never mind that it wasn't goose but duck liver, the portion
was quite big. However, it lacked the layered texture of the
grilled foie gras that we tasted in Shunjuu and Satsuma.
The external was grilled to crisp enough but there was
inadequate salt added and the insides do not have that
'melt in your mouth' texture that we thought was expected.

Tebasaki - Chicken Wing (S$3.20/skewer)
The chicken wings were marinated well and had that slight crisp
on the skin and that 'unforgetable' tenderness on the inside that
still secrete some chicken juices as you bite into it. A must try!

Potato Maki - Bacon Wrapped Potato (S$2.70/skewer)
This was one of the favourite that all of us had. We let the
2 small pieces of butter all spread onto the bacon before
starting on them. The potato inside was really soft. The
2 little pieces of butter were definitely the taste enhancer here.

Kurobuta Bacon Shimeji (S$4.50/skewer)
I could still taste the distinct kurobuta bacon and shimeji
separate from each other, there wasn't too much bacon
flavour infused into the shimeji. The mixture of the 2
distinct flavours occured in the mouth as we chewed on them.

Pork Belly (S$4/skewer)
The pork belly tasted quite good even though it
did not looked very appetizing at first glance, like
some undercooked satay.

Tokusei Tsukune - Special Meat Ball (S$6.80/skewer)
The way to eat this is to mixed the quail's egg with the radish
and the egg mixture act as a dip sauce to compliment the meat ball.
To me, the meat ball looked too elongated to be called a ball.

Kurobuta Cheese Yaki (S$7.00)
This dish looked more oven baked then grilled. It looked
like a repeated dish that we had before except that cheese
and small sliced of potato were added into the mix. I
stil preferred the grilled food then this oven baked dish.

Tomato Cheese Yaki (S$4.40/skewer)
The rich savory dairy taste from the cheese, the saltiness from
the bacon and the sweet sour taste from the cherry tomatoes
was a really nice blend from this skewered mix.

Hotate Gai - Scallops (S$6.50/skewer)
I thought this was not cooked really well. The caramelising of the
scallops on the skewer were not done uniformly. The 2 pieces
nearest to the holding end of the skewer did not have that slight
charred crisp on the external faces. Give me my charred bits!

Yakisoba (S$10), Tororo Soba (S$10)
Although they tasted quite nice but soba wasn't their speciality after all.
It was meant to cushion the impact on the pockets from
the over indulgence of the skewered food.


Tororo Soba

What's left of the skewered sticks
Do they look like divining sticks found in temples? Any
one of them will read
"Cut back on heaty food and exercise
else health risk is imminent!"

The sumiyaki at Kushigin was good but I thought Shunjuu or Satsuma had the slight edge. I haven't been destined to have sumiyaki at Kazu from my last 2 tries but I'll be there to see how they all ranked in my personal taste billboard under the sumiyaki category.

Cost : About S$53 per person

Address : 5 Koek Road, #01-01 Cuppage Plaza

Tel : +65 6238 6860

Country : Singapore


myfoodsirens said...

Yay, I'm glad you reviewed this place! Wanna try it soon. Do you think it's as good as Nanbantei?

PS: I've linked you to my site. Glad I found another great blog to read! =)

Unknown said...

I haven't try Nanbabtei yet. Thanks for your interest in my food diary. :)


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