Friday, September 11, 2009

成基 Seng Kee for Mee Swa and Chi Char ..... the Singapore alfresco dining

This shop house 'chi char' place is nested along Changi Road at the end nearer to the junction of Still Road. J and S suggested that we visit this place. I had been to Seng Kee once but I only recalled their Mee Swa. This time round, we were back for more, and definitely for me, with 'vengeance', especially after having vegetarian for lunch. Parking space was scarce in the evening. However, Seng Kee did a little 'tie up' with a Chinese association right opposite their restaurant. We parked our cars in the association for free as long as we patronised Seng Kee.
At night, the tables and chairs spilled out onto the service road right in front of the restaurant. There was no sheltered seating.

After looking for a table, we went straight to order our dishes at the shop.
According to the signboard, Seng Kee guarantees that all the fish will be fresh.

Apart from their Mee Swa, Seng Kee displayed the fresh fish
available for dinner. Choose one according to your portion,
taste and budget. Prices were all tagged on the seafood.

Our Fresh Parrot Fish (S$17)
We chose this fish that should be big enough for 5 people.

The steamed Parrot Fish was so fresh that after finishing one half
we were able to just lift off all the bones at one go by peeling
it off the tail end with a pair of chopsticks. This fish was fresh and tasty.

Mee Swa with Herbal Soup Base and Mushroom slices (S$2.50 per bowl)
I really liked the herbal soup base. HY left her bowl for me
as she do not like herbal food. I had 2 bowls then. Great stuff.

Pig Liver and Kidney Soup (S$4)
For those who like pig insides, this is for you. This goes well
with the fiery hot sliced chilli with light soy sauce.

Minced prawn wrapped in bean skin (S$8)
This minced prawn dish was tasty with the
sweet sauce that went with it.

Clay pot Sesame Chicken (S$9)
The chicken was thoroughly infused with the sesame
sauce making the meat fragrantly tender.

Clams "La La" 拉拉 (S$8)
The sauce that was cooked up with the clams was
uniquely sour-ish, a slight differentiation from the sauce
for clams in other restaurants.

Golden Threaded Balls 金丝球 (S$8)
These eggy balls were good! I didn't know how much
cholesterol was getting into my body.

Fried Pepper Crab Bee Hoon (S$38)
This is one of Seng Kee's popular dish. It was quite good
even though some of us thought that we've tasted
better ones somewhere else.

Be sure of dishes before engaging any helper who were taking orders as they were fast and may not be too patient waiting for you to think. This was a good 'vengeance' dinner after having vegetarian lunch today.

Cost : About $25 per person.

Address : 467 Changi Road (Between Frankel Avenue and Still Road junctions)

Country : Singapore

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