Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keng Eng Kee Seafood ......... Chi Char powerhouse in Alexandra Village

This was my third visit to Keng Eng Kee and this chi char powerhouse was still as consistent as before. They provide superb food at economical price but slow at serving of the dishes. If you don't mind the wait it will be worth all your penny. This time round, even when I pre-ordered 3 dishes and booked the table, all I got was sitting at the table and drinking tea for 1 hour before the first dish was served. It was my dad's birthday dinner and is not someone with a lot of patience. But he didn't complain as the food was worth the wait.

The restaurant is located inside Alexandra Village near to the food centre. They provide non-air conditioned seats and the air conditioned seats. Please book if you prefer air conditioning. Here's some of the nicer dishes that I would recommend.

Air conditioned tables inside a shop space
right across the coffe shop where the
kitchen is located.

Shark's Fin
The flavour is the typical traditional style that you
can find in established old Chinese restaurants.

Mingzhu Roll and Prawn Roll Mix
Thw Mingzhu roll and the prawn roll is the house speciality,
Mingzhu roll is made of fried tau pok stuffed with salted egg
yolk, prawn, ham, mushrooms and parsley. The prawn roll
is a blend of minced meat, carrot, prawn and water chestnut
wrapped with beancurd skin. the ones shaped like balls are the
prawn rolls and the sectioned ones are Mingzhu rolls.

Close up of the Mingzhu Roll

Deep Fried Sea Bass with Light Soy Sauce
The sea bass was fried to absolute crisp and then
drizzled with light soy sauce. It is one of the speciality.
I did saw many people ordering the steamed version
which looked great as well.

Salted Egg Crab
This dish was the last one on our menu and was an extra wait.
It was probably the best dish. All the crab was swiped out.
At the end of it, I was scraping the salted egg sauce off the plate.

My sister-in-law actually recommended this place which I tried for the first time during our reunion dinner this year. Even though it was Chinese New Year period, the cost of our dinner was about S$188 (for 6 people) when we ordered off the normal menu (not the Chinese New Year Menu which cost more). This time round it cost S$170 (for 6 people), not too much off the price of a Chinese New Year meal. Don't mind waiting for good food? Try Keng Eng Kee.

Address : Blk 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-136 Alexandra Village

Tel : +65 6272 1038

Opening Hours : Daily 11.30am -2pm, 5pm-11pm

Country : Singapore

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