Sunday, January 17, 2010

15 Minutes. Friends, Food and Fame

Nowadays, whenever HY suggest that I tag along to meet up with Val for dinner, it just means two things, booze and chicken wings. The regular hang out would be at Que Pasa for their Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings. However, we know one other place for good chicken wings and booze, a good 15 Minutes drive from where I live. We headed for 15 Minutes. Friends, Food and Fame. Yes I know. It was quite a mouthful for a cafe name but I thought was quite appropriately catchy, intriguing and artsy enough for a "canteen" and restaurant located in the swanky LaSalle College of Arts building.

Just before anyone notice that this diary entry become slightly impartial, I have to admit that one of our friend to catch-up is one of the 7 partners that started 15 Minutes. However, we were there as paying customers, not freeloaders.

We learned that each of the partners has a part to play in setting up this cool joint but we are all pretty sure that S has lots of say in the ALCOHOL department. It was funny seeing her all embarassed when she couldn't describe the food item that we pointed in the menu (she seriously don't know what's that) but we noticed that she could slide smoothly behind the bar counter and reached out for that bottle of 1824 MaCallan Single Malt without batting an eyelid. As smooth as the whiskey that she whisked out.

Inside 15 Minutes
Inside 15 Minutes, there are communal tables with benches that brings back distant memories of a school canteen. In reality, 15 Minutes serves as a "canteen" for the art college during lunch time until 6.30pm. After 6.30pm, alcohol is then allowed in the cafe. 15 Minutes is spacious enough for a gathering of friends for food and drinks. You want fame? Try stepping up on the stage near the bar counter and perform. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to be picked up by some talent hunters.

Here's some food from 15 Minutes that I would recommend.

Weekend Tapas Trolley
On Friday and Saturday nights, the tapas trolley will be wheeled out. Although there was little variety to choose from, they were good!

From the tapas trolley ........
Here's our choices of tapas for the night.

Fried Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese
This is a cheese lover chicken wing. Rich blue cheese over fried wings, yummy! This is stuff that is worth the extra effort in the gym.

Southern Fried Chicken Wings
The wings looked dry but that would mean that there's no need to blotch the extra oil with tissue paper isn't it? The skin was crisp and the meat was tender.

Fish & Chips
Crumbled dory with 15 Minutes own made coleslaw and fries. Crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. Bagus!

1 McNally Street
Blk D #01-01
LaSalle College of the Arts
(65) 6333 5915
Location on Google Map


red fir said...

I've been wanting to visit 15 minutes but for the life of me, I don't know why I never got down to doing so.

You forgot to mention besides food there's eye candy too. :P

Unknown said...

Eye candy? Not at other tables the last Friday night. They are all at my table :P


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