Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kith Cafe, a hidden treasure for chilling out

Kith Cafe is a little cafe well hidden from sight. One wouldn't discover it unless you spend sometime walking along the Singapore River. The cafe is located among one of the few shop spaces at the Watermark, a private housing around the Mohammad Sultan area. When we walked towards the cafe, we find that the surrounding was like a little hidden haven within the city. There's the river and the grass patch beside it. It was quiet except for the little bustle that led us to Kith cafe.

Inside Kith Cafe, there are a couple of 4 seaters and a high long communal table for food and drinks. A chalkboard span across one of the walls that has their menu written with chalk. I liked the designs of the tables and benches inside the cafe that seemed to be stacks of wood that made them up. There are little tables and chairs laid outside to allow folks to mingle over their food and drinks. What I liked most is the grass patch outside the cafe, beside the river. It made the whole atmosphere so much more relaxing.

Kith Cafe's Big Breakfast (S$14)
Kith Cafe's Big Breakfast includes toasts, bratwurst, bacon, scrambled eggs and grilled tomato. We liked the bratwurst that taste good and not too oily. I wonder where they got the bread from! We love the toast for the soft and light texture.

Toasties (S$5.50)
I order a set of toasties that was filled with bacon, scrambled egg and cheddar. A bite into the toasties revealed the chewy cheddar with the moist scrambled eggs and the tasty bacon. Yummy!

Latte (S$3.80/glass)
We ordered lattes to satisfy our caffeine needs to start the day. One more glass please!

Sssh ..... don't let anyone know this little cafe haven that we've discovered.

7 Rodyk Street
Watermark @ Robertson Quay #01-33
(65) 6341 9407
Open 7am~7pm daily


red fir said...

I've always wanted to visit Kith. Looks nice! I heard their coffee is pretty good. How would you compare it to say, Oriole?

hehe the size of your fonts indicate how much you like the place you go.

Unknown said...

Their coffee was good. I would say Kith's latte is equivalent to Jone's. Oriole's espresso to milk ratio is a bit stronger than Jone's or Kith's. But I certainly feel more relaxed drinking coffee at Kith than at Oriole.

Unknown said...

Maybe my taste buds wasn't sharp enough. I find out from Kith Cafe's blog that one of the partners was operations manager of Jones the Grocer.


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