Sunday, January 17, 2010

三元粥品專家 San Yuen Congee Specialist - Macau

三元粥品專家, San Yuen Congee Specialist was the first place we came for breakfast after we arrived in Macau. I was glad that the cab driver knew San Yuen and was able to bring me to the restaurant. It was not easy to find the shop front as San Yuen is located in a small lane in a side street.

It was drizzling slightly and the temperature was below 20 deg C. At 7.30am, the shutters was only 2/3 up and Sam Yuen only start business only at 8.00am. My BIL and I hesitated at the shop front but the lady boss welcomed us in as there was evidently no shelter outside the shop. That was a nice gesture.

三元及第粥 Sam Yuen Signature Congee (HK$20)
I ordered the Sam Yuen's signature congee that has pig intestines, stomach, liver and their most noticeable minced pork balls. Some of these bigger than normal minced pork balls emerged out of my bowl of congee. Nothing can beat a hot steaming congee in a cold chilly morning, especially a delicious one from a congee specialist.

There were about 6~8 minced pork balls. They were large and tasty. One pork ball fits nicely in the a congee spoon. They are all hand made, tangy and juicy. Say ahhh .........

Dough sticks (HK$5 per stick) are definitely a compliment to the tasty congee.

Fresh sliced sashimi (HK$20) with spring onion ginger and soya sauce. Something's missing ..... Ah hah .... in Singapore we have lime and sliced chilli to go with the sashimi.

澳門福隆下街 44 號地下
(Difficult to get the English address)

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