Saturday, January 30, 2010

金馬輪豬扒包 Kammalon Pork Bun - Macau

An hour later, after having glutinous rice, we were still loitering around, waiting for the almond biscuit stalls to open for business and we chanced upon 金馬輪 Kammalon that specialized in 豬扒包 pork bun. Finally, only in my third trip to Macau did I find the pork bun that can rival Lan Fong Yuen in Hong Kong.

The highlight of the pork bun from Kammalon is their freshly baked buns. The pork chops were pan fried. Although, a bit oily, the pork chop was tender and tasty. I prefer the bun here than the one in Lan Fong Yuen. Even though the pork chop has its merits, I would prefer the softer and better marinated pork from Lan Fong Yuen. How good is Kammalon's pork bun? So good that you'll see every table ordering it and most of the customers are locals.

Here's where the freshly baked buns were sliced to prepare for the consistent orders of the pork bun.

There is one pork bun stall that is located along the touristy street that leads to St. Paul Ruins from Senado Square. I ate from this stall on my first Macau trip. Nothing special. This time, I saw people lining up. However, I understand that this stall was being used for filming in a popular Korean drama and the customers are all tourist from tour groups. I would walk a bit to Kam Ma Lun if I were you.

*Address in Chinese as it's difficult getting the English Address.

營業時間: 早上7:00 至下午6:30

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