Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eating on the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam Part 3 – Street Food Finale

After browsing at the photos that I have taken on Hanoi street food, I think that it's worth a Part III. Anyone who's interested or will be travelling to Hanoi can benefit from it. I've played around with Google Map a bit and managed to provide the exact locations of these food places in Hanoi. So, it'll be easier to locate these street food. There are some street food in this diary page that I cannot pin point the location as they are the roving street food. You'll have to walk around and bump into them. If you would have noticed (looking at Hanoi map), our (refering to HY and me) street food experiences were restricted to just around the Hoan Kiem area as our hotel was in the region.

Bun Cha Dac Kim was another recommendation by the Luxe guide. We followed the map which led us into the Old Quarters. When we walk into the shop, there were several people cooking the pork patties and broth on the ground floor. A lady then ushered us up to the 3rd floor and "half shove" us into two seats. We had to share the same long bench with many others. Two bowls of pork patties, a plate of rice noodles, a plate of spring rolls and a plate of fresh greens appeared on the table when we didn't even order them. We were given a couple of empty bowls and the lady who ushered us to the seats gestured that we eat the rice noodles with the pork patties and broth. "Drink?" was the only question we were asked. At Bun Cha Dac Kim, the food was standard portions. It was 13000 dong for 2 people.

Bun Cha Dac Kim – Grilled Pork Patties Dunk in Broth
1 Hang Manh, Old Quarters

Standard portions of food served at
Bun Cha Dac Kim which can be a
bit too much for some people.

Pork Patties in broth the highlight at Bun Cha Dac Kim.
I liked the pieces of patties wraped with basil.

Fried spring roll here was a charm.

While we were walking around the Old Quarters during Christmas eve, immersed in the Christmas excitement around the St. Joseph's Cathedral, we came across this road side stall that sell fried food filled with pork. There were many people eating at the little stools and tables that spill out into the pavement, typical of street food business. There were basically three types of fried minced pork filled food items; fried puff, fried bun and spring rolls.

Banh Goi - Banh Ran
Fried pork finger food near St. Joseph's Cathedral
52 Ly Quoc Su, near the Cathedral.

The lady boss at the helm, frying the food
for her hungry customers.

The fried puff pastry that looked like the curry puff
commonly found in Singapore but this puff wrapped
up some tastey minced pork.

This is the fried bun also wrapped with minced pork.

Fried Spring Rolls

Here some other street food that we bump into during our leisurely stroll around Hanoi.

Fried Tofu Fried Doughball with soya bean paste, donut sticks
Fried banana

Walking further up from Banh Goi - Banh Ran towards Hang Gai, there was a little food lane, and we stopped at our tracks when we saw the congee that they were selling. We decided to buy one bowl, stand and eat at the roadside.

The bowl of congee that we had. It was simply,
congee that has no obvious rice grains, dough
sticks and shredded dried fish. Simple, down
to earth food, yet marvelously tasty.

Here some other street food that we into during your leisurely stroll around the old quarters.

All around Hanoi, you'll see mobile street vendors setting up and "balancing" their business across a wooden pole. This one sells me a piece of fried tofu. Although

My piece of fried tofu. It was simple and nothing to shout about
but having this hot piece of tofu in cold weather, out on the street
just made it my little bit of special personal experience.

We bought this wafer biscuit with black sesame when we just stepped out of the Temple of the Scholars. The wafer was light, slightly sweetened and fragrant, especially with the black sesame seeds.


Slurp said...

Thanks Lucy. You're most welcome into my food diary. :)

elizabethranger (BubbleTeaDinner) said...

How lucky I am to have stumbed onto your blog! I'm living in Hanoi right now, but I'm so curious about the other cities that you've eaten in as well, enough to do a big of blog-travelling through the archives. (ps the Hainanese chicken and rice post is probably the most enticing portrayal of the dish I've seen so far!)

Unknown said...

Thanks Elizabeth and welcome!


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