Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bella Pizza ...... Simply Tasty Pizzas

The last time we visited Shunjuu, a sumiyaki specialist in Robertson quay, we were already yearning to visit the very busy Bella Pizza just next door. We tried to pounce on Bella Pizza without reservations once and were turned away as they were full house. Another weekend, when we tried to book a dinner reservation, we seemed too late again. This time, we managed to get a table by booking a few days in advance. This pizza specialist is hot!

Bella Pizza, as the name suggests, is a pizza specialist. They served a good variety of pizzas from Red Pizzas (with tomato added to mozarella), White Pizzas (mozarella) and Folded Pizzas (Calzone). Apart from pizzas, they served good pasta as well.

The Pizza Cipolla that we ordered is a white pizza. A tasty savoury cooked up with the gorgonzola and cooked ham. The added caramelised onions made the pizza very fragrant. The crust should be classified as a thin crust type although its not as thin as the skinny pizzas from Barracks Cafe. I liked the texture of the crust.

The Pizza Margherita con Bufala is chosen from Bella's list of red pizzas. It's our must have pizza as W and J were on the same table as us. Having the pizza Margherita now, is like benchmarking coffee in a coffee shop. We'll have to drink it's kopi-O, preferably without sugar. Pizza Margherita is our benchmark and Bella Pizza's Margherita taste above average. We noticed that both the pizzas that we ordered were moist and not hard and dry. That's probably Bella's style and we liked it.

HY made a good choice ordering the Portobello Ripieno. It simply looked a mashed patty of mushroom sitting on some greens topped with sauce. However, the look was really deceiving. The portobello taste superb with the porcini sauce. Can't the portion be bigger? Absolute divine!

We got the Antipasto Bella Pizza which consists of a selection of cheeses with salami and parma ham. I'm not an expert in cheeses and I was told that there were parmesan and mozarella in the plate. The Parma ham and arugula were topped over a small stack of crispy french toast which went well with the cheeses and cuts.

Apart from Pizzas, the Linguini Al Frutti Mare that HY ordered was good too! It's good that HY do not fancy pizzas else we would have skipped Bella Pizza's pasta. The tomato base sauce wasn't cloying and the linguini was tangy. A good pasta choice!

Here's the desserts that we ordered, I thought that the hot chocolate cake and tiramisu was good. I'm not a fan of nutella so the crepe wasn't so enticing for me.

Bella Pizza's casual and lively ambience drew us there. There are Singapore river view seats if you don't mind braving the "harsh" Singapore weather. The restaurant is simple, service was prompt and the food taste above average. Their pizzas is definitely the reason why I will revisit.

30 Robertson Quay
#01-14 Riverside View
(65) 6734 0139

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