Monday, January 25, 2010

The Mobile Glutinous Rice Stall - Senado Square, Macau

It was early morning. My BIL and had just stepped out of San Yuen Congee and was walking toards Senado Square just to get a reference to our current location. The cab driver had dropped us at San Yuen and we didn't know where we are.

As we walked along a main street that leads to Senado Square, from St. Paul Ruins, we bumped into a mobile stall that sell glutinous rice. even though we just had breakfast, I couldn't resist the glutinous rice when I saw steam rising out from it.

At HK$18, we get a bowl full of glutinous rice with two 'siew mai'. We can ignore the 'siew mai' butcertainly not the glutinus rice. The rice was not too 'gooey'. this made it not too cloying even when I fiished almost 80% of the whole bowl. The highlight was the little bits of pork lard that was mingled into the rice that made it so fragrant.

Even though we were eating by the side of the street, trying to get some shelter from the chilly drizzle, the glutinous rice was worth it all. As we finished our rice, the boss started to push his cart to another site along the street.

You have to chance upon this stall along the streets of Senado Square as it is a roving stall. Hope that you'll be as lucky as me if you want to eat this glutinous rice.

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