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KHA ....... Thai Cuisine with a modern twist


KHA is a contemporary Thai restaurant serving classic Thai cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant is nicely nestled inside the relaxing greens of the HortPark, providing the opportunity for viewing the sun set over the greens while sipping their interesting list of drinks to suit your taste. One can choose to dine or drink on dining benches outside with the greens or within the comforts of air conditioning.

Basilistic, Dragon Eye
Basilistic and Dragon Eye are just the 2 catchy names that KHA had for 2 of their mocktails that we ordered. Basilistic (light brown), as the name suggest, has a blast of basil flavor, consisting of mango juice, thai basil leaves, fresh raspberry, lime, splash of sprite. Dragon Eye, for whatever reason it's called that, didn't ring a bell to me. It consist of lychee, fresh mint leaves, lychee juice and fresh lime juice. Both are very refreshing drinks.

Rice Crackers with red curry dip
We were served a complimentary appetizer of rice crackers with a red curry dip, flavored with a tint of lemongrass and mixed with some minced chicken.

Kab Klum Ruam
3 Signature KHA appetizers
crab cake, bbq pork tortillas, home made thai spring rolls

This sampler platter of KHA's signature appetizers was tastefully done but was really small portions. However, we were glad that it's not a big portion as all of us were more incline at taking like nibbles to try them out. the crab cakes and the tortilla wrap were great but I didn't like it that the spring rolls were soaking wet with the chilli based sauce.

Tom Yum Goong
Hot and Sour King Prawn Broth with Lemongrass

This is the typical Thai soup, the Tom Yum Goong that I had to order. It was spicy enough, sour enough and the prawn was sweet and tender enough that made it enjoyable enough for me.

Kra Poh Pla Nam Daeng
Fish maw soup with crab, prawn and quail egg served with black vinegar

HY's fish maw soup was full of seafood punch. Taste very gentle to the tongue as oppose to the fiery of my Tom Yum Goong.

BBQ Ruam
Platter of BBQ beef strip loin, sticky chicken, grilled sea bass and grilled tiger prawns for 2 to 4.
Everyone agreed to ordering this dish. All the meat and seafood were grilled alright except for the chicken. I thought it was too dry. The 3 different spicy thai dips did all the magic t the taste else the meat just had that simple lightly salted taste.

We all thought that the grill beef strip loin was a great job done. A little crusty on the outside and still juicy on the inside.

Phad Thai
Stir Fried Rice Noodles with grilled prawn
tofu, banana blossom salad, grilled whole pepper

The phad thai here tasted quite good but wasn't quite right for me. I think the better phad thai I had in mind must be the street stall kind that is fried that special "wok" aura.

Khanom Sam Yang
trio of dessert; black sticky rice and date pudding, red rubies, baked pumpkin custard, coconut ice cream

Out of the three I prefer the baked pumpkin custard and the date pudding to the red ruby. I probably had too much of red rubies in hawker centres dessert stalls already. The baked pumpkin custard was soft, sweet and just plain simple. Just how I like my pumpkin eaten. the sticky date pudding wasn't as dense as others I've eaten before but I thought it was nice.

I have no complains about the prompt service at KHA. Maybe, the ratio of service staff to customers was quite balanced. KHA serves presentable Thai food that taste good but I thought just not quite marvelous. What would bring me back here must be the closeness to greens and their interesting mocktails.

33 Hyderabad Road
Tel : 65 6476 9000

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